Web development and digital marketing during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Business owners alike have been faced with challenges, as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Fortune Prospecting has resumed business and ordinary daily routines in a manner rethought and replanned, to promote safety for all parties involved. We will encourage video conferencing to limit risk of spreading the virus.

We want to provide you with some knowledge and confidence during these times. Please read below to learn more about what can be done with your website and digital footprint during COVID-19.

Keep Customers Engaged

Similar to us, customers have many questions regarding the continuance of business in light of COVID-19. Using social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) Fortune Prospecting will post messages to direct your target audience to keep them engaged so as to promote a strong social presence.

Newsletter companies such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact are user-friendly email marketing online platforms that many companies trust. We can build a strategy with these types of tools to communicate with your audience, collect emails and encourage customers to stay informed about your website.

Working Smart Digitally

It is important to remember that we never want to shut down opportunities. Now is a good time to analyze our company’s ability to engage with our customers in a digital or semi-digital space. A website can be a valuable tool during COVID-19. Providing a Frequently Asked Questions page can help cut down on support time. Allowing customers the capability to request a quote online, view products/services, shop online, view a gallery and learn about a webinar are all ways in which you can be more digital-friendly to serve your audience.

Website Optimization

This is a good time to analyze and understand how your website has performed from the users’ perspective. Google Analytics provides insights that detail behaviors of users’ that visit your website. You will learn how they navigate through your site and what pages they are exiting on. By identifying and resolving any issues with your user-experience you can ensure your customers’ needs will be better met and your website conversion rates higher.

Make Your Business Visible

Fortune Prospecting has seen more users online now than ever before. It is important to make sure your company can be found. If you haven’t already implemented established good positions on google you can still reach the masses daily. Let customers know you are still open by posting on your social media and promoting your business through google/facebook advertising. Make it easy for customers to find and get to know you online to earn their trust and business.